ITACyL researchers take part in DIANA programme

The Spanish Institute of Women (Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality) has implemented the DIANA Programme to promote the interest of girls in science and technology. Within this programme, ITACyL researchers were invited to participate in an event directed to 9-year old boys and girls at the public school CEIP Blanco de Cela (Astorga, Spain). During this activity, children learned that agricultural and agro-food wastes, like corn stover or winery by-products, can have a second life and become feedstocks for the production of acetone, butanol or ethanol. They were able to observe and handle various agricultural and agro-food wastes; they also examined photographs of microorganisms and learned that they could transform sugars into different products; finally, a safe sensorial activity with acetone and butanol was performed.

By María Hijosa Valsero, ITACyL