AgroCycle Protocol Rules (APR) for Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment applied to agri-food waste and by-product valorization (processes and products)

This document provides AgroCycle Protocol Rules (APR) for an assessment framework for the sustainability performance of agri-food waste and by-product valorization (both processes and products are covered by this protocol).
This APR is suitable for application of life cycle assessment (LCA) methods to evaluate both the technology (e.g. anaerobic digestion, fermentation) and valorized product (e.g. energy, fertilizer) from agri-food waste and by-products. Version 1.0 is to guide deployment of LCA methods for assessment of case studies from AgroCycle Work packages 2 to 5.

The LCA methods encompass impacts in the environmental (eLCA), social (sLCA) and economic (LCC) domains. These will be integrated into a Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) by the end of the project.
This APR document is publically available on The APR document is a living document. If relevant changes in the LCA methodology or in the technology for the product category occur, the document will be revised and any changes will be published on the AgroCycle website (with an associated increment of version number, preparation date and publication date).