Exergy and Nanjing Tech University meeting on Biofuels production

On October 26th, Jose Molto and Rocio Roldan, both chemical engineers at Exergy Ltd (Coventry, UK), had their first meeting with Dr. Xiaoyu Yong, lecturer in College of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering at Nanjing Tech University (China) to discuss technical aspects linked with the production of electricity through microbial fuel cells (MFC) from agrofood wastes (AFW).

They discussed different aspects related to the microbial fuel cell task linked to Work Package 2 (Biofuels production); previous work developed in Nanjing Tech University; potential of the MFC in the soil and wastewater remediation; enhancement of the MFC for a better electricity production and design of a new MFC configuration as well as testing in the UK and China.

Rocio Roldan noted that the AgroCycle project “is a perfect opportunity for collaboration between Europe and China” and “will bring new capabilities and knowledge transfer at different geographical and feedstock levels. This will enable a global collaboration as well as the implementation of different circular solutions and validation from different approaches”.


Photo: Rocio Roldan (Exergy), Dr. Yong (NJIT) and Jose Molto (Exergy)